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What We Do

Tutorials & Seminars

We present a multimedia extravaganza that introduces you to the major social media outlets and how each uniquely benefits your goals for turning lookers into clients. Using the latest in dynamic presentation software, we will lead you through the what, where, why and how of social media. Whether or not you use our services to write, blog, post, retweet, or pin, this tutorial will give you an overview of how millenium technologies have changed the flavor of the marketplace.

More specifically, while in our seminar, participants will sample Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin, and taste how each site is used for promoting your company and products. Participants will leave  with the starting knowledge for creating their own recipe for success in the social media marketplace. No one will leave without know how to post cat photos or how to share articles with followers.


Comprehensive Social Media Strategy Development

Our comprehensive strategy development begins with a working/ brainstorming session with the client to determine goals and learn everything we can about your industry and your business. Next, we take that information and begin an extensive research and development process to determine the best possible strategy to meet your goals. We then take all of this information/ data and create a tailored, comprehensive plan of action including a detailed content calendar. Finally, we sit down and discuss the strategy and implementation in detail, making sure you are fully equipped to do what is needed.

This process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, depending on the scope of the project, and approximately 2 (2 hour) meetings with the client.

In addition, we will provide a free optimization assessment for your Facebook and Twitter profiles and recommend changes. We can make the changes for an additional fee per request.

Account Set-Up

Social Marmalade can set up your business or campaign accounts on one or all of the top five social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instragram, and LinkedIn. All accounts are uniquely branded and Search Engine Optimized.


Social Media Management

By providing content curation and creation, Social Marmalade takes all social media marketing burdens off our clients’ plates. Our three-month management plan includes new, creative and catchy content and pertinent posts that give followers valuable information from experts and industry leaders. In addition to posts, pins and tweets, Social Marmalade offers stellar writing for blogs. As the social media marketing world continues to develop, our strategy will grow with it. Currently, the latest buzz word is “engagement.” We will engage with your followers and  industry leaders to create a buzz around your pages.

Analytics & Re-Strategizing

Using the latest and greatest in marketing analytics, Social Marmalade reads and interprets data regarding our clients’ followers in three month increments. We analyze demographics monthly summaries, and statistics. We ask: Who’s following, clicking, sharing, liking, pinning retweeting you? How many followers have you gained, what were your most popular post’s, what keywords are increasing exposure? Social Marmalade monitors the success of your social media efforts with branded, printed reports with all the bells and whistles (Oh, colored graphs!) After analyzing our clients’ progress, we re-strategize and offer a new and improved plan to maximize our clients’ social media marketing plan for the subsequent three months.

Additional Services

Social Marmalade wants to spread the love our clients are offering. In addition to the basics in social media marketing, we offer:

  • Branding Management (Logo, Webpage, and overall brand development)
  • Complex SEO Management
  • Videography (How-to or Demo videos on branded YouTube channel)
  • Photography (Head shots and images for social media sites and webpage)


Telling stories is our favorite way to spread the love. One of the most important factors in social media marketing, alongside consistency, is content (AKA, storytelling). We use images, links, industry resources, and original copy to tell stories. Good storytelling is Social Marmalade’s secret sauce.

Content Curation

Everyday we are served a smorgasbord of online information. Curation is the act of discerning what the quality content is —picking and choosing the most delicious and spread worthy material.

Content Creation

Original copy, unique reactions, daily interaction and personal engagement with the world is our dish du jour. Serving up blog blurbs, twitter topics, and Facebook fabrications, Social Marmalade has writers locked up behind closed doors, steam pouring out their ears, baking up a batch of potent prose.

Original content and content curation comes in many forms:

  • Blogging
  • Social Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Copy writing
  • Website content (like bios, product descriptions, “about”)
  • PR kit content
  • Scripts (promotional videos, creative projects, etc.)
  • Blog Collages

Website Review

Our website reviews begin with a page-by-page analysis of your marketing copy, design layout, keyword strategy, and page speed.  Next, using a combination of analytic software, we benchmark your website’s performance against industry standards, SEO web metrics, and direct competition to provide you with a holistic strategy that boosts your web performance and strengthens your brand.

Social Media Resources

  • “The best business decision I made in 2012 was hiring Social Marmalade! My realty business improved by almost 40%!

    - Chris Elrod, Franklin TN’s Real Chris Elrod
  • Sarah and Kari make work not feel like work. Their positive energy and infectious senses of humor make social media really fun!

    - Jordan Long, JLB, LLC
  • Social Marmalade is where analytics meet creativity. That is what makes Sarah and Kari so effective. When you have process, goals and strategy you can measure anything.

    - Rebecca R. Stilwell – President, O’More College of Design