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Meet the Team

Kari Slusser

SM300edits-15-2A University of Memphis graduate in Music Business and a self-professed “research geek,” Kari spends way too much time on the interwebs. Wikipedia knows her by name. It’s unhealthy, really. However, Social Marmalade benefits from her addiction: Kari is our social media genius. Kari is modest so rarely brags about her job working for Katy Perry. Rarely, but not never. She does brag about it sometimes.

Guilty Pleasure: Christmas music in July.
If you were a muffin, which kind would you be and why?: A corn muffin. I’m not sure why, but I took one of those online tests to find out and that’s what it said I was. Sounds about right. You can take the quiz, too, by clicking here.
Confession: Henry, the youngest of my three kids, is my favorite.


Sarah Braud


As a child, Sarah didn’t have very good social skills. She blames her brain defect. Her mother blames herself. She’s had two CT scans which confirm a significant loss of gray matter in the frontal left lobe, though doctors remain mystified by the cause. Perhaps this is where the “filter” ought to have been. Social Marmalade values this biological glitch as we think it’s responsible for the added shock value to her writing. Sarah earned her MFA in creative writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, so there’s that, too.

Worst habit: Frequent bathing. As in, I bathe infrequently.
Biggest literary crush: Mr. Darcy, duh.
Secret ambition: To take Kristin Wiig’s place on SNL.
Greatest fear: Ending up on a boat in the middle of the ocean, speeding toward my death. Or manatees.
Confession: I take multiple online personality tests and try to manipulate the answers so that I get different results.

  • “The best business decision I made in 2012 was hiring Social Marmalade! My realty business improved by almost 40%!

    - Chris Elrod, Franklin TN’s Real Chris Elrod
  • Sarah and Kari make work not feel like work. Their positive energy and infectious senses of humor make social media really fun!

    - Jordan Long, JLB, LLC
  • Social Marmalade is where analytics meet creativity. That is what makes Sarah and Kari so effective. When you have process, goals and strategy you can measure anything.

    - Rebecca R. Stilwell – President, O’More College of Design