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We’ve been acquired!

Not since AOL/Time Warner has there been a merger that has caused this much commotion! This is huge, people. Facebook acquires Instagram and now, to alter the future of the universe forever, 111 Web Studio has  become our family. Home to one of our favorite people: Mark McGowan, Digital Media Director, 111 Web Studio is a hosting and […]

5 Social Media Tools Marketers Can’t Live Without

Batman knew their was trouble when the bat signal shown high in the night sky. The Wonder Twins communicated telepathically, ring not necessary but certainly flashy. And Inspector Gadget couldn’t contact Brain without his Top Secret Gadget Phone. Social Media managers, digital content creators and small business owners who run their own social strategy must […]

How to Name Your Business

  Okay, so we are pretty proud of our company name. Social Marmalade gets a lot of compliments. I’d even venture to say it gets us business as well. We spent quite a bit of time coming up with our name. About 3 work days to be exact. A good business name can either work […]

Quiz! Which social media celebrity are you?

Quizzes are all the rage on social media. Who is your favorite author? In which city should you live? What Seinfeld character are you? What is your hippie name? These quizzes are getting all the interaction a social media manager could ever dream for! Buzzfeed and other online content curators are bringing in the clicks, […]

Social Media Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a high holiday in my home. The kids break out the fake webs and black, plastic spiders are thrown around the home. Candy corn mixed with peanuts and M&M’s fill bowls and are emptied just as quickly. Halloween costumes are an obligatory part of our ritual. (My husband is always a Zombie.)   […]

City Farmhouse Pop-Up Show’s Folk & Folly Follow-Up

I don’t know about you, but I’m still reliving the amazingness of Folk & Folly! What an amazing display of talent and creativity!   Next week, when I have time to breathe again, I’ll blog about each room’s amazing features and how it can be used for each designer’s online strategy!   But first, since […]

Folk & Folly in Franklin, TN

Hey Friends! Kari and I are excited to announce our upcoming project: Folk & Folly! What is Folk & Folly? Folk & Folly, sponsored by Social Marmalade, is a creative and collaborative design showcase presented as part of the “Dream Team” events at the City Farmhouse Pop-Up Show. Folk & Folly will showcase local talent […]

How Do I Create a Post on Facebook that Gets Engagement?

  First, in creating a post on Facebook that will garner engagement, you need to remember last month’s advice about implementing a social media strategy that will be effective. We call it the 3 C’s: 1. Consistency. Post Everyday! Personally, I post before 8am and after 8pm everyday since that’s when there is the most […]

The 3 C’s of Social Media Marketing

When we first launched Social Marmalade, we quickly came to realize that social media marketing was a serious business with equal parts art and science. At first, it seemed more art than science. There was a lot of intuition involved, but after doing it enough, we started seeing a pattern in our work and in […]

But What Should I Post About?

  Content Categories: 1.  Motivational quotes:  Works for every business. There are loads of apps and websites dedicated to archives of quality quotations. 2.  Humor:  People love humor. Be audience-specific. This is where I tend to get in trouble. My humor is sometimes inapro-pro for professional contexts. It’s a dark, potty talk kind of humor. […]

Connecting on Social with Your Ideal Client

Connecting with potential clients on social is not rocket science, but there are questions you need to continue to ask yourself as you create and maintain your social strategy. Who is you ideal customer and what do they _____ Want?  Put yourself in your clients’ shoes. If you were them and on the hunt for […]

4 Myths about Growing Your Business with Twitter

Hey people. Let’s talk Twitter! You keep hearing that more and more small business are jumping in the twitter tidal pool, but you aren’t quite sure if you are ready. Before dipping your toe in the proverbial water of social media marketing, you need to know what is and is not true. Here are a […]

  • “The best business decision I made in 2012 was hiring Social Marmalade! My realty business improved by almost 40%!

    - Chris Elrod, Franklin TN’s Real Chris Elrod
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    - Jordan Long, JLB, LLC
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